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Naufrage is an videogame project, oriented adventure / exploration, made with Unity and started in September 2015.

Drawing on the world of comics, movies and video games, it offers a journey into a strange and dreamlike world.

Stranded on an island, the player must explore the various environments to contemplate the phenomena which are open to him. No score, no quests or achievements to unlock, the world of Naufrage simply offers to all those who want to take the time to observe and enjoy.


You can now download the soundtrack for free...
12 tracks that are masterized and reworked for 46 minutes of music.


Click here to download the soundtrack

NEW RELEASE [06/12/2016] Final version is out !

Bug fixes, new texts, some improvements, Naufrage is now achieved !

Project is complete, but might recieve some update in few weeks...

Thanks for playing! If you enjoy, please share it!

Changelog :

  • 10/01/2017 - 0.3.f2 : minor improvements / sound normalization
  • 06/12/2016 - 0.3.f1 FINAL VERSION: new texts / minor bug fixes / better VR support...
  • 26/11/2016 - 0.3.b2.00 BETA 2: New items / new texts / bug fixes (essentially for 2D chapter) / add items in fairground (Zoltar + decorative elements) / normalize some sounds / english version by default
  • 26/10/2016 - 0.3.b1.12 Translations (again, and again, and again ^^) / Remove Unity config box at startup (+new screen size section in main menu) / Fix "invisible language name" in main menu
  • 17/10/2016 - 0.3.b1.10 Translations (Better English translations - again) / Fix panel issue in 2D mode
  • 15/10/2016 - 0.3.b1.08 Translations (Better English translations - Pannels translations) / Fix VR issues / Fix Occlusion issues (clipping objects)
  • 13/10/2016 - 0.3.b1.07 Fix Mac version (Crashing on Startup)
  • 10/10/2016 - 0.3.b1.00 Release BETA 1

For technical support, please contact me or send me an email to contact[at]naufrage-thegame.com

LANGUAGES AND VERSIONS Language available:

  • Menus : English
  • Dialogs/Texts : English / Français

Default game language is in English

Minimal configuration required :

  • Windows : Windows 7 / Graphic Card With DX10 / 4Gb RAM / 500Mb Hard Disk Space
  • Linux : Ubuntu 12.04 / Graphic Card With OpenGL 3.2 / 4Gb RAM / 500Mb Hard Disk Space
  • Mac OS : Mac OS 10.9 / Graphic Card With OpenGL 3.2 / 4Gb RAM / 500Mb Hard Disk Space

Naufrage is VR compatible with Oculus Rift, minimal configuration required :

  • Oculus Runtime 1.4 / Windows 8.1 / NVIDIA GTX 960


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Windows Version 0.3.f2 358 MB
Linux Version 0.3.f2 370 MB
Mac Version 0.3.f2 380 MB
► Naufrage Soundtrack 42 MB

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This is a limited and deluxe edition (with laser cutting!) that represents the 5 constellations visible in the game.

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data corrupted after 1D part on mac.

Hihi, it's normal... You have just finished the game... ;-)

(Edited 1 time)

Had a small hunch that was a possibility but wasn't certain.

I admit that the end is somewhat surprising^^

Hope you enjoyed the game !

This is one of the best, if not, the best games I've played on itch.io, good work and thanks!

Oh ! Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it :-)

This game is good.

(Edited 1 time)

i made it to the 1d part which i think is the end

Hmmh, yes it's almost that (there is just a small part afterwards)... GG !

i couldn't get past it

Normally, in the 1d part you can move horizontally... Then, you access to the end :-)

to avoid spoilers... rainbows, done or no?

Yes. Done :-)

I don't know if you remember me from YouTube but I just wanted to again say that the game is great and has major potential. I think you could really become a great video game creator.

Oh ! Thank you very much :-)

I love this game. Is there a walkthrough somewhere? I'm stuck and I would like to see everything.

Hi ! Unfortunately, I don't think there is a walktrough for now...

Where are you stuck ? Maybe I can help ?

Well, I don't know if the progression is linear, but I have opened 3 tents and the caravan. The missing tent is the one on the right of the caravan. I also went on the moon and back.

Thanks anyway :)

OK, so you're at ~ the half of the story

For you a little help here

Thanks. Well, I started the game by going up there. I activated the tower and went on top when it was still transparent. I found the rocket by using the telescope up there. Then I went to the rocket, found the "bug" then I found the entrance inside the mountain, then went on the moon and back, then discoverd all other different places of the "island" with the five scupltures (while in black and white).
The last hour I went back everywhere I alredy visited to see if there was anything new. I spend a lot of time in the cubes room. I didn't find anything there...

To avoid spoil, the answer is here

However, were you able to use the telescope when the tower was transparent? Normally it's impossible, we see blur...
If so, on which platform do you play ? It's maybe a glitch...

Oh you're right, the telescope has a deforming effect when the tower is transparent. I think I just spotted the rocket place just by eye.
I've not played again yet. Will do soon.


Well, I went back up there and found nothing new. I looked at every piece (I think) including each star.

Dont' forget you can zoom in ;-)

Well, when I say I looked at each star, I mean by that I zoomed at each. Actually I scanned the whole scene and each time there was a detail, I zoomed on it. Of course I may have missed something, but it's quite hard if I don't know what I'm searching. Not sure I will go back. That's not really a fun part of the game.

(Edited 1 time)

Strange, most people find the solution in few seconds... :-(

Here is the solution.

I found a walkthrough here (her reactions are fun^^) :

It's meant to give scary feeling when you travel around the circus? I experienced that so sometimes... XD

Yes a little bit... I love these atmospheres, between fear and attraction

I fullt respect that xD. I can't describe how well made this game is! One of THE best games I've played so far! :

Thank you ! it makes me very happy :-)

Naufrage is my first project, there are some imperfections, but I did it with passion...

I won? btw, I'm so sorry if i spammed

GG ! \o/

Sorry i deleted your last comment, because it contain huge spoil ;-)

By the way, "naufrage" in french means "shipwreck"


i really needed that particullary clue, thank you

I can't really make the part where everything turns white and black only ( i guess it's like in the end)

(Edited 1 time)

No it's not the end, you discovered half the story :-)

If you are stuck, little help here (no spoil but it's the solution)

thank you man, i will try my best :-)

Very enjoyable - and I still have one more tent to open. I'll make a donation in the hope of seeing more additions to this world, or other similar work from you ..

(Edited 3 times)

Thanks !

Currently, development of Naufrage is complete, but we work on a downloadable soundtrack and a booklet (printed and PDF) containing all the texts (with one or two exclusive writings).

The soundtrack will be aviable soon (master is completed) and I hope that the booklet will be ready in January :-)

I will still publish some minor updates (bugs and fixes).

Optionnal minor spoil for you : here

Wonderful game. Would you happen to have a copy of the soundtrack?

Thank you !

For the soundtrack, yes, I work on it with the musician.
Probably a release during the beta 2 at the end of the month :-)


La porte du vaisseau spatial était cassée :/


Il faut sans doute la réparer, mais comment ? :-)

Spoiler : c'est pas un bug...


buen juego esta bueno,compruebenlo en mi canal de youtube:carlos el supernoob :3


would be cool to your other work