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I feel like Tom Hanks facing Zoltar in the movie BIG instead wished he could blend my brain in a Moulinex with Camus, Sartre, Proust, and Montesquieu in tall hats then left the kitchen and forgot me

Tried to enter door at Big gun, said a script was missing to enter


It's normal :-)

You have to find the missing script somewhere in the island (maybe in a cave... maybe...)


Thank you, I feel kind of stupid, 🥴 Your game is full of surprises, Thank you 🤪😎🤓

Could not use Oculus controllers to play, had to use Xbox controller. Is it suppose to be that way?

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Naufrage was released in 2015-2016, the Oculus controllers did not exist at that time. Sorry but only Xbox controller or keyboards are working. :-(


Xbox is fine, Just caught me by surprise, Thank you 😁👋

Is there any way to make it play in SteamVR?  I tried from Revive and it didn't help.  Anything else I could try?

Sadly, Naufrage is only compatible with Oculus Rift. I develop the game in 2016, Steam VR did not exist at that time.


oh my god its the best game i have ever played its amazing

Thank you so much !

Despite being pretty confused at times, I really enjoyed playing through this game. Great job man!

Feel free to watch my video if you want to laugh at me being confused :P 

Nice playthrough, thanks !


I really super liked this because it reminded me of an idea I had once about a walking sim turning into an action game when you find a secret entrance into the middle of a planet... and then I played this and was like, woah. I think I beat it.


Thanks for playing and for the video you made !

Indeed you finished the game, congratulations :-)

Glad you liked it.

I just "beat" the game??? tbh i'm not sure if i did beat it or if i'm missing something in the very end with the glitched room.  Can't help but feel like i am missing something

Regardless, this game is really fascinating, I loved every second of it! You guys (assuming you had/are a team that made this) did a fantastic job with it! :D

Thank you for your review !

You probably did not miss anything (maybe some texts, but the glitched room is the real end). I assume, it's an abrupt ending :-)

In fact, I'm the only developer, there is just a musician and 2 writers who helped me for music and texts. That's why it's a little game...

Thank you for playing :-)

Well the storyline is SO boring. I was expecting park horror game with some kind of myseries or something. Walking is very slow and music not that good :( Sorry, but I don't like this game.

Sorry that you did not like it. Thanks anyway for playing.

The story itself is weird and hard to understand, but I enjoy it a lot!!

Here is my walkthrough/gameplay video: 


Thank you for your video and playing Naufrage :-)

You finished the game in 20 minutes, well done !

I understand that the story was a bit confusing, but the texts scattered on the island can help to understand.
Story is also open to interpretation.

Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed it.


I am stuck in the moon..


Try fo find something in the grass (to north/east  if you consider that the capsule is south)

Show post...

I love this game :>


Thanks, it is heartwarming :-)

Why does the "final" version say "beta" ?

Hmmh, that's unexpected...
Where did you read that?

It's in the download filename .. 

So my thought was basically.. either it was forgotten to change the filename .. or the link was going to the beta and noone ever got to play the "final" :)

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Indeed... well seen !

In fact it's a "bug" in
The download module automatically renames the zip with the initial name of the channel (which was... beta at the beginning).

My original zip is correct. I don't know if I can change it... I did not find how to do it

In any case it's the correct (final) version that you downloaded


Yes, and it's just the beginning :-)

Hints ?

If you are in the black and white mode, try to go to the top of the mountain...


A really museum of the imagination.

Thank you !

Okay, I'm so confused is the rainbow glitch screen the end of the game or what? Because if that's it then dang that sucks because this game was awesome but that's a terrible ending.

Yes it's the End. I'm sorry you did not like it...

Is VR on this game compatible with openvr/openhmd on linux?

Unfortuately not. I only had an Oculus Rift to develop this game...

Would you mind trying openhmd with rift in linux (or at least adding the lib to it)? It does not have positional tracking (which means that there is not much imersion), but if there are mores games that use openhmd there will be a higuer incentive to develop positional tracking :)

It would be a great idea but Naufrage was developped 2 years ago. Today I work on other projects. I would have to find the time to reinstall older version of Unity (Naufrage was developped on Unity 5.3 and is incompatible with Unity 2017+) to work again on it...

...and... it seems that openhmd lib on unity is only compatible with Unity 5.6.

Very weird game, it gave me a bad headache when i entered the white cube room, had to uninstall, it's good graphics but I was more confused and couldn't take the bright white rooms


incredible work.

Thank you :-)

how can i leave moon.

You have to find something in the grass ;-)



i got stuck at the part where im a black figure of smoke and everything is in white and im on the moon i cant get out and  the only portal brought me back to my brokrn rockrt did i do something wrong please help asap thanks this game is truly amazing i got stuck playing for like two hours 

Hmmh, I see.. It's a little glitch.

When you press "UP" (or joystick up) to leave the moon, you're teleported at the funfair. But if you continue to press up, your're teleported to the moon again... :-(
Try to press "up" juste once, normally it should work.

Sorry for this glitch ang thank you for playing Naufrage and for your encouragement :-)


Very surreal!

why ia this so popular




amazing but needs alot more!


A truly wonderful game! 

this game is fantastic! I did not expect what happened and I really enjoy it. the platforming and seeing things in a different way was very fun! but, I've gotten to rainbows and I can't find out how to continue. it hurts my eyes. :(


Thank you ! It makes me very happy.

« but, I've gotten to rainbows and I can't find out how to continue. it hurts my eyes »
You have finished the game ! I admit it's a bit ... rude, but it's the end :-}

data corrupted after 1D part on mac.

Hihi, it's normal... You have just finished the game... ;-)

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Had a small hunch that was a possibility but wasn't certain.

I admit that the end is somewhat surprising^^

Hope you enjoyed the game !

This is one of the best, if not, the best games I've played on, good work and thanks!

Oh ! Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it :-)

This game is good.

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i made it to the 1d part which i think is the end

Hmmh, yes it's almost that (there is just a small part afterwards)... GG !

i couldn't get past it

Normally, in the 1d part you can move horizontally... Then, you access to the end :-)

to avoid spoilers... rainbows, done or no?

Yes. Done :-)

I don't know if you remember me from YouTube but I just wanted to again say that the game is great and has major potential. I think you could really become a great video game creator.

Oh ! Thank you very much :-)

I love this game. Is there a walkthrough somewhere? I'm stuck and I would like to see everything.

Hi ! Unfortunately, I don't think there is a walktrough for now...

Where are you stuck ? Maybe I can help ?

Well, I don't know if the progression is linear, but I have opened 3 tents and the caravan. The missing tent is the one on the right of the caravan. I also went on the moon and back.

Thanks anyway :)

OK, so you're at ~ the half of the story

For you a little help here

Thanks. Well, I started the game by going up there. I activated the tower and went on top when it was still transparent. I found the rocket by using the telescope up there. Then I went to the rocket, found the "bug" then I found the entrance inside the mountain, then went on the moon and back, then discoverd all other different places of the "island" with the five scupltures (while in black and white).
The last hour I went back everywhere I alredy visited to see if there was anything new. I spend a lot of time in the cubes room. I didn't find anything there...

To avoid spoil, the answer is here

However, were you able to use the telescope when the tower was transparent? Normally it's impossible, we see blur...
If so, on which platform do you play ? It's maybe a glitch...

I found a walkthrough here (her reactions are fun^^) :

It's meant to give scary feeling when you travel around the circus? I experienced that so sometimes... XD

Yes a little bit... I love these atmospheres, between fear and attraction

I fullt respect that xD. I can't describe how well made this game is! One of THE best games I've played so far! :

Thank you ! it makes me very happy :-)

Naufrage is my first project, there are some imperfections, but I did it with passion...

I won? btw, I'm so sorry if i spammed

GG ! \o/

Sorry i deleted your last comment, because it contain huge spoil ;-)

By the way, "naufrage" in french means "shipwreck"


i really needed that particullary clue, thank you

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